The pennant is an advertising presentation material. It may be called a flag. It can be give as a protocol present or in several occasions, but also it can be used as a representation of a mark. The small size can be displayed on a flat surfaces, on supports made from wood or metal, on table to represent the location, brand, name, flag, team, etc. The larger ones are made in generally for the guests at events, galas, meetings.


The fabric of the pennant can be personalized with sublimation, thermal transfer, with embroidery or applying velvets and rubber paints made for customized textile technology specialized in advertising production.


The pennant can be customized with fringe, string and tassels. We can also insert a metal or a wood rod.

Shapes and sizes

We can make any desired shape and size from 6 cm height. Pennants can be of different shapes and sizes- rectangular, triangular, rectangular top and rounded corners, rectangular top, rounded or rounded tip.

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Sharp rectangular

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Sharp rectangular with rounded corners

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Sharp rounded

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Price offer

Prices vary depending on the amount, size and personalization of the pennant. Please contact us to receive the most advantageous offer.

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