Thermic transfer

The method by which the transfer sheet reaches the desired fabric. It is recommended for texts and simple graphics models because the transfer sheet is cut before using a plotter. It is not advisable to use for very small outlines (1cm).

The thermic transfer sheets have several thicknesses and aspects such as: P.S FILM and P.S FILM EXTRA with pastel mate colors and bright, P.S ELECTRIC, P.S METALLIC with electrical and metal aspects, VIDEOFLEX, VIDEOFLEX MODA, VIDEOFLEX INFLATABLE, STRIPFLOCK and MODA GLITTER.

The STRIPFLOCK is a PVC sheet with velvet aspect expressing great elegance. It is interesting how the contrast stands between the material and the sheet which must not be from silicone.

MODA GLITTER is a sheet with glitter look used for fashion design like promotional outfits.